Hope Remains

by Jamie Nunnally

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Jamie’s new EP, Hope Remains, captures his passion for congregational worship. Produced by Jason Hoard (Third Day, Shane & Shane, Fee) and featuring Brian Scoggin (Casting Crowns) on drums, the album drips with passion for God’s presence.

“Whether someone is looking for music to play during Sunday morning services, high-octane youth worship, or just music to soak in during their personal worship times, I believe there is something for everyone on this EP. My prayer is that God would use these songs to bless His people and that we, in turn, can use them to bless Him back.”
- Jamie


released September 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Jamie Nunnally Thomasville, Georgia

Have you ever felt like God was standing right next to You? These are the moments Jamie Nunnally seeks to recreate through music.

For Jamie's complete bio, visit jamienunnally.com

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Track Name: Lord We Worship You
Here before You, the broken and mended adore You
We pursue You, the humble and hopeful run to You
With all our worship, all our praise

Here in Your presence, Lord we worship You
We chase Your fragrance, Lord we worship You

We don’t ever want to get used to your presence
So we seek you like the first time that we met you
With all our worship, all our praise

Here in Your presence, Lord we worship You
We chase Your fragrance, Lord we worship You

Here in this moment, Lord we worship You
We won’t be silent, Lord we worship You
Track Name: Running to You
Before I even knew Your name, You loved me
And though You had nothing to gain, You chose me
So I drop everything that’s in my hands
And release all the baggage that holds me back
And I make my way toward You

Run, run, run I’m running to You

And if the path gets hard to see, You guide me
And when I’m overwhelmed and weak, You lift me
So I give You my worries, my needs and wants
Cause Your grace and Your kindness demand a response
And I keep my eyes fixed on You

Run, run, run I’m running to You

Take away all the things that harm me, all the things that keep us apart
I release all the fear that binds me, I won’t be afraid anymore
Track Name: Hope Remains
Hope is rising up and strengthening my faith
The fear that held me back has now begun to fade

All that I am I give away, ‘til nothing is left,
Just hope remains

Hope is sinking in and keeping me secure
And as I trust and wait, I patiently endure

All that I am I give away ‘til nothing is left,
Just hope remains
I’m confident my God will save and as I believe,
My hope remains

So when the pressure’s building and I can feel the weight
I know my God still loves me, I won’t hold back my praise
When disappointment finds me and things don’t go my way
My joy will not be stolen, no one can take my faith
And I won’t stop pursuing, no, I won’t be afraid
Though I’m not sure what’s coming I know that hope remains

Whoa, hope remains
Whoa, my hope remains
Track Name: Take Me Away
I want to show that I love You in all I do
I want to be free to serve You with no excuse

Take me away, Take me away
Take me away from all that takes me from You

Every thought, every action, each word I speak
Anything that separates us, please take from me
Track Name: I Can't Be Here
Are you sure you understand
That if you do not take my hand
You reject the Son I sent
And love that’s closer than a friend?

Don’t you know and can’t you see
I’ll be gone, ‘cause you told me to leave?
If you’ll cry out I’ll wipe your tears
But you have said I can’t be here

Are you sure you comprehend
That if you say this is the end
What you’ve done I can’t defend
And you’ll be on your own again?

Can you see, do you know
Will this be what you want
In a week, in a month
Down the road, later on?

Are you sure you’ve thought of when
This world you chase is gone again?
Will your choice to serve your sin
Have consequence you don’t intend?
Track Name: Now is the Time
I’m ready to answer the call
I’m ready to give my all
I lay aside the weight of sin
I’m pushing on and pressing in

Now is the time, today is the day
I’m getting tired of being in the way
Oh Jesus, it’s all about You now
Now is the time for stepping aside
I’m leaving my independence and pride
Oh Jesus, it’s all about You now.

I’m ready to run the race
I’m ready to take my place
I lay aside the weight of sin
I’m pushing on and pressing in

I lift my hands with purpose
I raise my voice to sing
This life that I’ve been given
Becomes my offering
Track Name: Selah